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Useful links

Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science

Although this top-ranking journal’s main focus, according to its mission statement, is a new integration between “long-evolved religious wisdom” and modern science, the related question of technology is also one of its priorities. The journal’s website offers “Thematic Selections” (left-side menu) which include a number of links featuring prominent themes in the journal’s history. One of these links (“Techno-Secularity and Techno-Sapiens”) leads to a piece by the editor-in-chief, first discussing the journal’s engagement with the question of “religion in an age of technology”, and then followed by a long bibliography.


Society for the History of Technology (SHOT):

This is a major international organisation with a huge, worldwide network and membership. It holds annual meetings at various locations, and includes several “special interest groups” specialising in varied aspects of the history of technology. Their website features a lot of information and plenty of resources.


Luciano Floridi’s website

A website with a comprehensive overview of Floridi’s research and academic output. He is the Oxford Internet Institute’s professor of philosophy and ethics of information, an academic field, of which he is a founder.


One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence (AI100)

Stanford University recently launched the AI100 project to map AI research and explore its various societal implications. The project website includes their “2016 Report” which is an instructive, up-to-date evaluation of AI’s “state of the art”.


Cyberfuture – The Dreams of Silicon Valley

This YouTube video is an excellent documentary, offering a thorough insight into style and mentality of the world’s most prestigious technological hub.


“The Church and the Internet” and “Ethics in the Internet”

These are two documents on the Internet issued by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications in 2002. (The PCSS no longer exists, it merged into the Secretariat for Communications in 2015.)